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TurnKey Solutions

Reeves & Associates is delighted to provide a variety of services to federal, state, and local government entities (including educational institutions):  

  • Large and small group planning meetings, facilitation and proceedings capture, including:  interagency committees, task forces, community collaboratives, coalitions, summits,  and work groups
  • Expert panel organization, coordination, and proceedings capture
  • Formal needs assessments using a variety of tools such as on-line surveys, mail surveys, focus groups, key informant interviews, etc
  • Best practices literature reviews
  • Management of complex, multi-year projects and programs
  • Program standards, criteria and quality indicators development, consensus, and management
  • Professional development evaluation and analysis
  • Training and professional development, including learning design
  • Legislative study/learning tours
  • Professional, technical, and administrative management  support
  • Strategic planning
  • Management consultation
  • Leadership development

Public Health

In addition to the above, we provide these public health services:  community and stakeholder engagement; coordination of research and small and large scale evaluation studies; scientific research/literature reviews; coordination and planning of scientific peer reviews; health education services; and strategic planning.

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