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Reeves & Associates uses facilitation to assist our clients in designing processes and reaching the outcomes that they desire. At Reeves & Associates, we have had the privilege of facilitating some exciting projects over the last twenty years. We believe that facilitation at its best leads a group or team into ‘shared discovery’. “At the point of shared discovery, individuals and groups awaken to a world of unlimited possibilities and are prompted to go for the gold together,” says our Lead Facilitator, Rebecca Reeves. Some of our facilitation engagements have led to the following outcomes:

  • Revamp of business and services models.
  • Development of quality indicators for early care and education providers.
  • Development of project selection criteria for a social enterprise.
  • Development of criteria for a Succession Planning Program that grows leaders at every level of the organization at a large Georgia rehabilitation agency.
  • Creation of a team-led school improvement planning process.
  • Design and Implementation of Co-Teaching and Peer Coaching Models that were validated collectively by the Georgia Department of Education in the mid-1990s.
  • Creation of a Communities of Practice Problem-Solving Process that was designed to reform special education practices in a large public school system.
  • Design of a Title I Instructional Coach problem solving model.
  • Design of a Facilitative-Leader program.

Our clients frequently ask that we integrate team-building into our facilitation engagements. Teams at Work is a Reeves & Associates Consulting and Training, Inc. original. We have taken our many years of experience in working with teams and created a comprehensive, hands-on team training program. The program covers all phases of team development from forming to performing. It has been used with organizations in many settings – schools, health and medical care, government, and communities. We also administer the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument to teams that want to learn more about their preferred thinking styles and how their styles can be used to increase productivity and camaraderie.


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