RK Reeves & Associates, Inc. (“Reeves & Associates”) is a small woman-owned, DeKalb County-based business, founded in 1991.  We use customized, impactful activities and best practice solutions to help our clients achieve their desired outcome. Reeves & Associates has two major divisions: including Government and Business Service  and Environmental Services.  Within each division we underpin and integrate technical expertise with a number of core competencies such as program and project management, planning, public outreach and community engagement, meeting facilitation, and training and development, as needed.

Reeves & Associates expands its capability to perform large projects through collaborative teaming with other firms and consultants who have established a track record of excellence in their areas of expertise and service delivery. We seek to meet and exceed clients' expectations.

Values at the heart of our work include:

  • Honesty and integrity at every level.
  • Right the first time.
  • Delighted customers.
  • Spirit of innovation, creativity, and simplicity.
  • Lead by example.
  • Personal best every day.

Our Value Proposition – Reeves & Associates helps you focus and be productive.

  • Customized services.
  • Services by agreement.
  • Here for short or long term; for small jobs, or large.
  • Access to our entire team.



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